Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ella's Wool Helps Brooklyn's Children Stay Warm

Saga Merion Wool Dress

I am always looking for ways to keep the children warm during these long winter months so it was nice to discover Ella's wool. When family would visit from the UK, I always noticed how much warmer and durable their children's clothes were. Vibeke Kvan Johansen who is from Norway also noticed that the children's clothes were not the same when she moved to Brooklyn from her homeland. She wondered why children were not playing in the park during the  winter.  After some inquiry, she realized that children in Brooklyn did not have the warm woolen undergarments that her children had. This sparked her idea for her children's clothing line bringing Nordic knitwear brands to the United States. These brands use Merino wool in their clothing. Beside being very warm, wool from merino sheep is known for its incredible softness and its non-itch quality, so it’s ideal even for babies' sensitive skin.  Now her goal is to keep kids across America warm. Visit Ella's Wool to learn more.

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