Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Frog and the Princess

This weekend I took my nieces Shakina and Yonina to Broadhollow Theatre in Elmont to see their version of Disney's Princess and the Frog.  This was part of  celebrating Shakina's birthday and also to celebrate the fact that we made it through a rough winter.  In February I spent a total of two weeks in the hospital with both girls during their bout with asthma. The first week at Shakina's request, the hospital staff brought in the  DVD for the Princess and the Frog which she played and played and played.  The next week with Yonina, she made the same request so the Princess and the Frog stayed on continuous rotation. I think I must have seen the story over a hundred times.  But after two weeks I think we bonded around the story of Tiana, Princess Naveen,  Mama Odie, and all the other characters. So when Mocha Moms in Queens ( a support group for moms of color)  invited us to see the theater version we were game. So my little princesses donned their crowns and off we went to the theater.  Of course, we knew all the songs, plots and characters by heart but the girls were enthralled to see the story live on stage. After the performance the excitement continued when they got to meet the actors or characters (as they saw them). Finally they had to be bribed to leave the theater with a promise of pizza. Now I still hearing them talking and planning how they can get back to the theater next week because you can never get enough of The Princess and the Frog. Help!

Broadhollow Theater located at 700 Hempstead Turnpike at the Elmont Memorial Library will be performing The Frog and the Princess through April 3 and other kid friendly performances until May. Call 516.775-4420. They also have performances for children at Bayway Arts Center -265 East Main St., East Islip. Call 631-581-2700.

Also check out Elmont Memorial Library's Children's Room. They have a play room that looks like fun with lots of activities for children.

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