Monday, April 26, 2010

The Milkman Cometh

Believe it or not I remember getting milk delivered to the house back in the early sixties. We lived in East New York on the border of Brooklyn and Queens where there was plenty of open space. Since I spent my first seven years growing up in Harlem when I arrived there I thought for sure we were in the country. The vast land provided a space of horse stables where riders could enjoy. Italian immigrant families had also doted the area with small houses where they grew olive and fruit trees, and the occasional chicken and goat. There was still a working farm nearby that delivered milk to our apartment in glass bottles. The cream would settle to the top so you would always have to shake it before drinking.

So I got a little nostalgic when I heard that the Manhattan Milk Company delivers milk to their customers in Manhattan and plan on expanding their business to Brooklyn and Queens. It’s amazing to watch as old ideas become new again. Maybe I should also tell you back then that a local bakery delivered bread and cakes and if you were very sick the doctor came to your house.

Here is their info or visit