Thursday, November 28, 2013

Make a Care Package for the Less Fortunate and Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes families can get caught up with all the hoopla surrounding the holiday and lose sight of the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Daily Candy reminds us of a way to stay on track in their video.   In this article they expounded on their project.

"Make a care package for the less fortunate
By Lauren Lumsden

It’s easy for littles to lose track of what’s important when Monster High and Ugglys dolls are in their sights. 

Restore their sense of gratitude this holiday by assembling a care package for those less fortunate. In today’s video, we show you what to include (we called a bunch of homeless shelters to find out what they needed most), how to put it together, and where to take it in major U.S. cities.

Of course, we also urge you to remember those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Right now, monetary donations to American Red Cross, Oxfam, and ShelterBox are still the best way to help.

By teaching your kids the value of giving now, you ensure they keep doing it as they grow.
And that’s something to behold."

I hold heartedly agreed with them.  Also I think this might be a fun way to add a new tradition to your holiday celebrations, ask each guest to bring an item and create a basket for a good cause. The hosting family can pick the theme.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanksgiving: The Family Dinner Project

The aim of The Family Dinner Project is to bring more food, fun and conversation to the dinner table. They believe that connecting with the family and sharing with others will help develop children who are happy, resilient, responsible adults. Check out their website for tips on foods, conversation starters, and support.  This year they are asking families to have a special day after Thanksgiving to have a special conversation on giving with their families.

They are participating in a campaign called Giving Tuesday to make the Tuesday after Thanksgiving a national day of giving.

Happy Thanksgiving! Share the joy!