Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Mother Company Helping Parents Address Safety Needs

Keeping our children safe is a concern of all parents.  The Mother Company is helping parents address these concerns with books and videos that are both entertaining and educational. Creators Abbie Schiller and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter of The Mother Company have created a new video, The Safety Show.  According to Daily Candy, "The 40-minute show mixes live action, music, quirky stop-motion, and lovely French animation to teach smart habits (if you need help, find a mom with kids; pay attention to that “uh-oh” feeling) and give parents conversation starters."  Available via DVD ($15) or download ($12) at

Their video above, The Boss of My Body featuring Marlee Hightower empowers young people with music and a catchy tune. The Mother Show also has live events.

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