Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Mom, Style Icon

While we are celebrating Mother's Day here is a different look at moms from
Piper Weiss.  Her book was published a couple years ago but can still inspire you to think about Mom in a new way. Maybe, you will discover that your mom is also a fashionable icon.

"Moms are people, too...fashionable people! Before we came along to yank on their skirts, they showed leg, sported killer bangs, and flaunted bikinis. Some even wore feathers and halter tops and drove around on motorcycles. Was their style shocking? Yes. Covetable? Absolutely. Based on Piper Weiss's hugely popular blog of the same name, this book features 200 color photographs from decades past of moms showing us how it’s done. A perfect gift for mothers, daughters, and style mavens, My Mom, Style Icon is an entertaining celebration of the very first—and most important—style icon in a young woman's life."

Piper Weiss is a humor and culture writer, as well as an editor. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

The Mom Song for Mother's Day

So this is the way we sound. That is why we need a good sense of humor.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrate Urban Creativity with Ideas City 2013

IDEAS CITY 2013 from IDEAS CITY on Vimeo.

This week celebrate Ideas City 2013.  IDEAS CITY explores the future of cities around the globe with the belief that arts and culture are essential to the vitality of urban centers, making them better places to live, work, and play. Founded by the New Museum in 2011, IDEAS CITY is a major collaborative initiative between hundreds of arts, education, and community organizations. This year’s theme is Untapped Capital, with participants focused on resources that are under-recognized or underutilized in our cities.

IDEAS CITY is a biennial Festival in New York City of conferences, workshops, an innovative StreetFest around the Bowery, and more than one hundred independent projects and public events.
Visit to plan your visit, and connect on Twitter @IDEASCITY.
Directed by Lucas Borras / Creative Director: Carlota Santamaria
Music: Jorge R-Escudero