Monday, October 29, 2012

What is a Maker Faire? Part I

For a few years now I have been wondering, what is a Maker Faire?  This year I finally got my answer when I attended the World Maker Faire 2012 at the Hall of Science in Queens. Now after two days of whimsy and wonderment, I still don’t have a definition but I heard one participant describe it as a feast for nerds, engineers, designers and eccentrics. One little girl described it as magical. It was definitely fun as makers displayed their wares and inventions, some very useful and others well…very imaginative. It was a coming together of the creative community.

There were buildings made entirely of toothpicks at Toothpick World. Think of viewing a miniature city housed with the Taj Mahl, Empire State building, Notre Dame and many other major buildings from around the world all made of toothpicks.  Then there were-D projections that you watch through special glasses, light shows, robots and even a zombie detector.

To get a better idea of what the World Maker Faire is all about, I asked Maker Faire Producer, Louise Glasgow.  Listen to her response.

What is a Maker Faire? Part II "Every Child a Maker"

At the Maker Faire 2012, Ann Marie Thomas explains the potential for the Maker Faire in "Every Child a Maker".  Through the Maker Education Initiative,  teachers and parents can participate in Maker Faire.  They can engage children in creating fun projects and developing their imagination. Sounds like fun!