Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Blankets

These blankets from Purl Bee are a wonderful gift for the baby in your life. They offer a kit labeled super easy so it looks like fun especially with so many wonderful colors to chose from. check out Purl Bee for more information.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Summer Reminiscences with Mark Blackshear Part II

My mother has wanted to have a family picture taken for awhile.  So this summer photographer, Mark Blackshear granted her wish.  I decided that the park was a great place to take pictures of her and her great-grand children.  So we headed to the park on a beautiful day with four little people.  As soon as we passed the playground two little people (Jamal and Isaiah) disappeared.  When we finally found the right spot to take pictures one little person (Yonina) decided she would rather not.  It's was more fun to try and direct the photographer.  But one little person (Shakina) decided that she had gotten her hair done and was wearing her favorite dress so this was an important occasion and she was ready to have her picture taken with Nana.
Mark Blackshear

As I ran around the park begging, pleading and threatening, I began to wonder if this was really a good idea. But after serious negotiating, Mark was able to get some great shots for Mom.  She loved the pictures.

Mark Blackshear

The only problem was that two little people (Emmanuel and Joshua) were missing, we waited and waited but Manny had gotten sick on the way over.

Kenge Henry

Then last month, two new great grand babies (Angel and Mikka Rose) arrived. So now we have to plan the next photo adventure with eight little people.

To be continued...

Mark Blackshear was calm and able to work through the mishaps, maybe because he has a little one of his own and enjoys family projects. Visit his website at

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where are the Toddlers?

I spend a lot of time taking my nephews and nieces on excursions around the city. Since there are now seven of them of various ages, we sometimes divide the excursions to make them age appropriate. I had great intentions of taking my youngest niece, Yonina on a stroller tour of a favorite museum. Mainly, to see what the programs are like for the younger set and also because she has been asking to go bye bye like her older siblings. Just when I made up my mind to take her, I re-read the description of the program "for ages 0-18 months." Oops! she is now two years old. No problem, I thought I will take her to the toddler program. I checked the program listing - no toddler programs. Some how I remember the museum sending a notice last year listing activities for all ages. Now except for the stroller event, programs are for children ages 4 and up. At first I was thinking this is not fair. After doing a little research I realized that a few institutions had dropped their toddler programs. For a second I was thinking this was a major injustice until I looked over at my niece who was lying out on the floor shouting No! No! (for no particular reason). Then I remembered that my little baby who used to be so sweet and agreeable is now asserting her independence. Her once remarkable vocabulary is filled with "No!" and "I walk." Actually, I think the thought unconsciously had passed my mind that Nina was getting a little bit unreasonable and we better take her on her special trip soon.

This made me start to wonder what happened to make the museums decide to suspend the toddler programs. I can just imagine the museum tour for the two year old. Think of all the passion and unbridled energy. I bet they rocked the place. It would have been funny to watch but only from a distance. What was I thinking? Taking out a two year old? I forgot about the milk and juice breaks, peanut butter sandwiches, the potty stops and the "I need a nap time."

Well, don't let me discourage you I am sure your baby wants to see that Picasso, Goya or maybe, just the chain barrier that separates them from the masterpieces. Trying to pull the barriers down is always great fun for two year olds.

Well, since I am a slow learner I will probably see you at the next museum excursion. I know Yonina really wants to get hold of that chain. I will be the one with the harried look on her face. Oh! that probably describes a few of us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Seed

Some of us might remember the TV show, Punky Brewster from the mid '80s. I always liked the colorful outfits Punky used to wear. Now Soleil Moon Frye who played Punky is all grown up and has come out with her own baby clothing line. Little Seed is an environmentally friendly boutique which you can guess is very colorful. http://shop.thelittleseed.